Job Fair Tips

Great article on the do’s and don’ts of job fair etiquette.

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For Design Industry Job Seekers: Design Edge Canada

A great website for design jobs across Canada. Features new jobs in each province and relevant articles. Check it out:

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Keywords for success with online resumes and social media

“More than 65 per cent of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn’s hiring solutions to find talent”

A recent article in the Vancouver Sun once again highlights the usefulness and importance of social media and online presence when networking for a job. But how to use these tools to your personal advantage?

According to LinkedIn’s records, “extensive experience, innovative, dynamic, motivated, team player, results-oriented, fast-paced, proven track record, multitasker and entrepreneurial” are Canada’s Top 10 employment buzzwords but if you’re hoping to stand apart from the crowd, it’s time to be more descriptive and personal with your buzzwords.

SkyHigh Resumes now offers services with LinkedIn profiles. A career coach can help identify your unique skills and best present them on paper and online. It’s never to late to join social media and update your resume for the new year!

Check out the full article “Freshen up that online resume with original keywords”:é+with+original+keywords/4050515/story.html

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Where the Jobs Will be in 2011

Health, tech, finance, mining and trades top jobs for 2011

From one of our favourite Canadian employment sources, the Employment Paper, here’s an article to help steer you toward areas of job growth in 2011 and beyond. With a positive outlook, an openness to try a new job field or a passionate commitment to one’s career goals, who knows what the new year will bring?

The featured job fields include health care, IT, finance, mining and trades. With retirement in the future for many current workers, job creation in many of these areas are predicted through 2020.

Read the full article here:

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Toronto job search resources

Looking for work in the GTA? Here is a good start. Make sure you research your job sites before sending out your resume. There are a growing number of fake job sites for scammers and spammers. Happy job hunting!

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Introducing our new SkyHigh Resumes website!

After a stellar year of growth and expansion, SkyHigh Resumes presents its new website to deliver online resume writing and career services across Canada.

With standard and premium resume services for almost all jobs and professions, you’re sure to find one to match your needs. Check it out!

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Unemployment rates remain same as October

Not much of a change in the Unemployment rate as indicated by StatCan

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