Do I really need a LinkedIn Profile?

The way in which job seekers search out new jobs is ever changing. Over 90 percent of jobs are now being listed on companies LinkedIn pages. Now you can contact Recruiters with an introduction of yourself with a smiling photo and recommendations!

Our Resume Writers know how to craft the perfect LinkedIn profile for you so you put your best foot forward! With locations in BC and Alberta, we can assist you simply contact us via or We promise to deliver a great LinkedIn profile for you which will present you in the best possible way to prospective employers!

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Resume Writing Tips from an Expert

For the next 4 weeks, each Friday we will give out 1 key tip for writing the perfect resume yourself and keep you coming back for more helpful career advice!

Ok here we go….

Tip #1:
Resume Length – This is one of the most frequent questions we get here at SkyHigh Resumes and Calgary Resume. “How long should my resume be”

Well the old saying “less is more” is definitely true in writing the perfect resume. You always, and we mean always want to keep your resume to 3 pages or less. Now the average resume for a career professional with 5+ years of experience is 2 pages, however if you are in a senior level position, or have more than 20 years of experience 3 pages is acceptable. Keep in mind, if you go back 20 years, you want to ensure that every position is relevant to the one you are applying to! For example, if you were a Janitor from 1990-2004 and from 2004-2016 you were a Marketing Coordinator, you don’t want to include the Janitor position. Ok folks, signing off. Until next Friday!

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Is there a Best Colour to wear to a job interview?

The answer is “Yes” Studies have shown that candidates who wear a crisp white collared shirt (yes make sure it is ironed!) with a dark blue suit (darkest blue, not navy)have a higher chance of landing the job than someone wearing a gray, black or beige suit. Why? Well this might be a good study for Psychologists, but your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps the colour dark blue means business. Overall, conservative colours work best.
Second place was a white coloured shirt and a black suit, and 3rd place is a dark gray suit. Studies suggest that those who wear Beige, White or any Pastel colours fall short. (So keep the pink shirt or canary yellow suit in the closet!) Regardless if you are interviewing for a job as a Server in a restaurant, or an Executive position, you should ALWAYS dress to impress.

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Hello Fellow Canadian Job Seekers! We are Live! After 6 weeks of dedication and work, we have launched our brand new MOBILE friendly website. Easy as 1,2,3 to order from your mobile device, laptop or tablet! Check us out at or in Alberta at

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Top 5 Jobs for Canadian Millennials!

Advertising Account Executive

Millennials already make up 44% of the advertising industry
and the projected hiring outlook by 2022 is 12%.

Civil Engineer

The projected hiring outlook by 2022 for civil engineers is 20%, making this a good long-term career. The main reason is that there will be growing emphasis on infrastructure projects in the near future.

Computer Systems Analyst

For computer systems analysts, the projected hiring outlook for the next decade or so is 25%, as more and more companies discover the benefits of using technology to solve their business problems.

Financial Planner

Financial planners can look forward to a projected growth of 27% in this field by 2022. This is because Millennials are looking for financial planners who will understand their generation’s mindset.

Physical Therapist

Another field with a very high projected growth rate is physical therapy. The hiring outlook by 2022 is 36%.

Source: 2015

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Career change advice 101

thinking of a career change? this article offers some great tips and questions you should ask yourself before making the change!

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Toronto online job search is a success

Great article on Toronto online job search

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Job Fair Tips

Great article on the do’s and don’ts of job fair etiquette.

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For Design Industry Job Seekers: Design Edge Canada

A great website for design jobs across Canada. Features new jobs in each province and relevant articles. Check it out:

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Keywords for success with online resumes and social media

“More than 65 per cent of Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn’s hiring solutions to find talent”

A recent article in the Vancouver Sun once again highlights the usefulness and importance of social media and online presence when networking for a job. But how to use these tools to your personal advantage?

According to LinkedIn’s records, “extensive experience, innovative, dynamic, motivated, team player, results-oriented, fast-paced, proven track record, multitasker and entrepreneurial” are Canada’s Top 10 employment buzzwords but if you’re hoping to stand apart from the crowd, it’s time to be more descriptive and personal with your buzzwords.

SkyHigh Resumes now offers services with LinkedIn profiles. A career coach can help identify your unique skills and best present them on paper and online. It’s never to late to join social media and update your resume for the new year!

Check out the full article “Freshen up that online resume with original keywords”:é+with+original+keywords/4050515/story.html

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